From Surviving To Thriving

A Workshop To Support Eating Disorder Recovery  During The Holidays

November 25, 2019 at 2:00pm

LIVE WORKSHOP with Sara Upson, M.Ed, RD, LD, CEDRD-S

Including Live Q&A + an action-filled, value-packed PDF workbook that you can use again and again


Enroll now for just $37 and learn how to set yourself up for success with recovery and intuitive eating this holiday season-- and beyond. 

Inside this value-packed 1-hour workshop, you'll learn:


The Four-Step System to Support Food Freedom During The Holidays

so that you can have a solid foundation to create a plan, set goals, and feel empowered this year.



The Eight Areas of Self Care

that you must review to make sure your needs are being met.



A Step-By-Step Action Plan for Holiday Success

so that you go into the holiday, but specifically to holiday events, with a game plan in mind.  Learn how to set yourself up for success and feel less anxious.



How To Get Back On Track

when things don't go as planned, how to be kind and compassionate with yourself during that time, and how to use curiosity to help you learn from the situation.


Enroll now for just $37 and learn how to set yourself up for success with recovery and intuitive eating this holiday season-- and beyond. 


This workshop walks you through the steps you need to feel more confident this holiday season!


Yep, even if last year was awful and you feel so stuck that you don't know where to start.  (We'll talk about how past holidays have impacted you + how to get started.)


Uh-huh, even if you're struggling with your eating right now and wondering how you'll ever survive when things get more stressful.  (This is such a difficult place to be and one where so many people get stuck.  And I'm here to help!)

And ohhh yeah, especially if you have multiple holiday events to attend and you're dreading each one. (The workshop + the workbook will help you feel confident at each event.  You can keep using this information over and over to help you at all your holiday events- and even well beyond the holiday!)

Because learning how to set yourself up for success with eating disorder recovery during the holiday doesn't stop with the new year.  This workshop + workbook also empowers you to use these skills in your daily life and at all future events!


You'll walk away from this holiday workshop feeling. . .

  • More confident, because you have plan for what to do, when to do it, and how to care for yourself even if things go awry.
  • Hopeful that this holiday can be different and that you can take care of yourself, recovery and your eating even when times are stressful.
  • Empowered to take action and care for yourself.
  • A hint of excitement as you actually start thinking about the things you enjoy about the holidays as overwhelm begins to decrease.

A note from Sara...

I remember hating the holidays when I struggled with my eating...feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, confused, and wishing I could just disappear for a little bit until they were over.

Even the joy was taken out of the fun stuff that I used to love.

Things have changed a lot since then- I've done the work to become an intuitive eater + going on to get multiple degrees, becoming a dietitian, getting married, having a family.

After working with hundreds of clients and listening to their struggles during the holidays, I've realized that it's universal.  If you're working to heal your relationship with food- you're probably not looking forward to the holidays.

Here's the good news for you. . . I've taken the work I've done with clients and combined it into value packed workshop + workbook so that you can start feeling less stress and more joy during the holidays and beyond.

I've prepared this special holiday workshop to help you go from just surviving the holiday to thriving so that you can get back to doing whatever it is that you love most during the holiday!

I can't wait to see you there!


Eating Disorder Recovery Workshop

November 25, 2:00pm CST



Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for The Holiday Workshop

The workshop includes:

1.  A one hour workshop.

2.  An amazing workbook to support the material covered in the workshop.

3.  A private facebook group for workshop registrants only.

No worries!  You'll received a copy of the recorded webinar + printable (and downloadable) workbook delivered directly to your email following the workshop.  There will also be time in the private facebook group to submit questions for the Q&A prior to the workshop.

Yes- the workshop is still for you.

The workshop focuses on eating disorder recovery but would be beneficial for anyone working to heal their relationship with food, become an intuitive eater, or end chronic dieting.

All the information will apply and be beneficial!

That's great! This workshop + workbook are not intended to replace ongoing care with your therapist and/or dietitian.  The workshop can certainly supplement the work you're doing and the workbook may bring up some valuable discussion points for both therapy and nutrition appointments.  


Absolutely!  A treatment team is certainly not required to participate.  It is important to know that the workshop + workbook do not replace individual therapy/nutrition appointments or establish direct client care.

Even without a treatment team, the workshop + workbook will be beneficial.

The workshop is designed to support you where you're at during the holiday.  

Certainly discharging from a higher level of care can make the holidays more difficult.  The workshop is designed to meet you where you're at and help you move forward to create a holiday where you feel more confident and empowered.

The recording of the webinar and the workbook are yours to keep!

They'll be emailed directly to you and you'll have ongoing access to them as long as you have access to your email.

You'll be able to use the workbook over and over any time you have a stressful event surrounding food.  

The private facebook group will be archived following the holiday season/the start of the new year.

I have opened the workshop to sponsors willing to support a patron spot and will announce them as they're available.  If you're interested in a patron spot, please message me directly on instagram (@mysignaturenutrition) or email me info (at) mysignaturenutrition.com.

If you'd like to purchase a patron spot at checkout where it says name- enter Patron.  You'll receive a confirmation email that you're registered- please respond to that email and confirm the patron spot- you can also just message me directly via instagram (@mysignaturenutrition) or email me info (at) mysignaturenutrition.com.



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